High speed Broadband for Stuntney

The village may not be reached by the high speed fibre broadband rollout until 2017 under current plans. We have worked out an alternative solution that is available to you right now!

Available now - book an install date

Go faster

Much faster internet, up to 10x quicker than the average ADSL speeds in the village, watch movies and play games faster than before.

Simple Installation

Uses a simple aerial on your roof or chimney to connect your home.

Wifi in your home

Small wifi base station in your home provides high speed internet to your devices. If you want a wired connection then you can plug directly into the base station.

Yes please, I want to have high speed broadband

Go Faster!

Elegant Themes

We have worked to keep pricing as affordable as possible and remember there is no line rental!

Phone service

£6/month inc VAT
  • VOIP Phone service
  • Provided by partner
  • Options for multiple call packages


£65/(approx) inc VAT
  • Typical pricing
  • Professionally installed
  • Best possible reception and performance


When will the service be available?

The service is available right now. The system has been running reliably since the autumn of last year.

Can everyone in the village get it?

Yes we are now able to cover everyone in the village.

What is involved in installation?

Installation is very simple, the aerial needs to be pointed at the base station; for the best result it should be fitted on your roof. A cable runs from the aerial to a small wireless router inside your house – this will need a small hole drilled through your wall. We can arrange installation (budget around £65-75 inc VAT) or you can fit it yourself. We are trying to get multiple installations done on the same day to keep costs down. We will let people know on the web site when the next installation date is.

Are there any charges for the aerial?

We are pleased to say NO. We will provide the aerial and a small wireless router for inside your house if you sign up for 12 months. You only need to pay for installation – we will also setup the router so it is all ready to go.

How do I pay?

To keep it simple we will ask you to set up a standing order and we will email you an invoice once a month. If you are a company then it is a VAT invoice so you can claim the VAT back as for any eligible purchase.

Can you provide telephone service?

YES – working with a partner we can provide a phone service using the internet connection. This means you can cancel your complete telephone line typically saving much of the cost of line rental month. Since the service is completely digital it will often be much higher quality than your existing phone line. You will need a phone adaptor or a new phone.

Do I need a telephone line?

No. The broadband provision is completely independent of your telephone line. If you have a telephone line just for internet then you may not need it any more and you will be able to save the monthly rental. We can advise how to get your telephone over the internet connection if you want to keep a landline.

How fast can we really go?

At the moment the average speed for Broadband in Stuntney is between 1.5Mb/s and 3Mb/s download over your telephone line. We are aiming to provide around 20Mb/s download to everyone that signs up – it will be significantly faster than currently experienced. This will be more than enough to support iPlayer, Netflix (at HD not UHD!) and gaming.

Initially we will have over 70Mb/s of bandwidth available which will be shared by everyone in the village. We will expand this as more people sign up.

When are alternatives arriving?

We understand that the Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband rollout programme has formally asked BT to improve speeds in the village by the end of 2016 and are awaiting confirmation of timescales, however, it could be 2017 before fibre broadband reaches the village.

As of March 2017 we have not heard when broadband will be available in the village from BT or other suppliers.